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20 June 2016



Life's lungs collapsed
Many years of insane
Now I find myself
Able to breathe again

No written word in years
Just stirring in my head
Time to let it all out
Get it out, Get it said

Time lost locked up
And looking for a place to stay
Kept it going, couldn't stop
I had to have things my way

Lost opportunities to write
Had to sit back and listen
Night after night
Just takin' it all in

But my patience has paid off
My apologies to my fans
Times are not as rough
As I transform into a new man

Walkin' with a different breed
No time in the week for the weak
Steppin' on solid ground
No stress of who I meet on the street

Doesn't matter if I'm sober or not
I'll always have this in me
You say what I had I lost
But these veins bleed creativity.

Anthony E. Barr
March 25, 2014

©2014 Anthony E. Barr